Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Thank - You Rachel Williams!!

Task Description:Today I have done a calibration with Madison and Lillyana.It is all about Rachel Williams for letting us be in the Winter Learning Journey.I hope that you enjoy if you do please leave a positive comment.


  1. Kia ora Leilani,

    I am so touched by your kind words. You have made me feel so special and so happy. Thank you!

    I really enjoy running the blogging programme. It gives me the chance to learn new things and to swap ideas and stories with awesome students, just like you, Madison and Lillyana. You guys are true gems. God bless you.

    Your sincerely,


    1. Hey Rachel

      Yay you loved our work!It did take quit a long time to make it and we put a lot of time into it.

      Thank you so much for leavening a nice comment on my blog,make sure you have a happy and safe day!GOD BLESS YOU!

      Btw - My chrome book I can't long in so I have stop blogging in the holidays so I am trying to figure out how to get back in my chrome book!

      From Leilani

    2. Hi Leilani,

      Did you get your Chromebook fixed? I hope so!!


    3. Hey Rachel

      I know that this comment is late but I I did end up getting it fixed once I got back to school and Mr Somerville just chnaged it.

    4. Hi Leilani, I am so relieved to read that! I hope that you have a great term. I'm already looking forward to coming into Pt England in November to chat about the Summer Learning Journey programme. I will see you then (if not before)!